Working Paper: Optimal consumption and investment under relative performance criteria with Epstein-Zin utility


We consider the strategic interaction of traders in a continuous-time financial market with Epstein-Zin-type recursive intertemporal preferences and performance concerns. We derive explicitly an equilibrium for the finite player and the mean-field version of the game, based on a study of geometric backward stochastic differential equations of Bernoulli type that describe the best replies of traders. Our results show that Epstein-Zin preferences can lead to substantially different equilibrium behavior.

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Lorenzo Maria Stanca
Lorenzo Maria Stanca
Assistant Professor of Economics

Greetings! I hold concurrent appointments as an Assistant Professor at Collegio Carlo Alberto and within the Department of Economics, Social Studies, Applied Mathematics and Statistics (ESOMAS) at the University of Turin. My academic focus is centered on economic theory, with a particular emphasis on decision theory.